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Asian Dynasties
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Asian Dynasties

Jan 29th, 2009

Age of Empires III The Asian Dynasties is one of those games that keep you hooked to the computer for hours and hours. For sure that you have ever heard of Age of Empires and this time they have released a really exciting game.

The Asian Dynasties is the next step in strategy game. If you enjoyed Age of Empires III, you'll love this expansion. Now you'll be able to take the control of one of the three Asian dynasties: Japanese, Chinese or Indian and experience something different: new characters, new weapons, new wonders, new maps and even a new game mode.

You'll have to construct new wonders to go to the next age, so you'll be able to appreciate The Indian Charminar Gate, The Chinese Confucian Academy, The Japanese Torii Gates, The Japanese Great Buddha, The Chinese Porcelain Tower... It's great.

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties adds three new civilizations, 15 monumental Asian Wonders, the new Export resource, new random maps, three five scenario-campaigns that feature all new Age of Empires III characters, Eastern native tribes, and a wealth of exciting new Home City content.

Lead the Chinese army, Japanese army or Indian army. Explore, battle, manage sources with only one goal: have the world at your knees.

You'll be surprised with the graphics and the detail level of Age of Empires II Asian dynasties. The movements of the people, the game mode that will trap you: easy to play but difficult to master, you'll learn how to manage your civilization step by step.

If you like strategy games, the latest Age of Empires is a must have.
Reviewed by Nelson de Benito

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License Demo
Op. System Windows
Category Strategy
Language English
Author Microsoft Game Studios
Downloads 392,802
Date Jan 29th, 2009
Content Rating +
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merdanr icon
merdanr in 2020

hey spanish forget your own language this demo you can't translate to spanish

intrepidsilvercedar20528 icon
intrepidsilvercedar20528 in 2020


defeat99 icon
defeat99 in 2019

i soo happy

yojac icon
yojac in 2017

How to change the language of this game that is good to Spanish for that reason I give a star because I think that it still needs to be adapted to the language

yojac icon
yojac in 2017

I want to change the language of the game to Spanish I have tried a thousand ways to do

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